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Professional Perth Window Cleaning

Looking for a professional Perth window cleaning service that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Don’t waste your time or money on “pop-up” window cleaners that will probably do a half-arsed job then take your money. Trust in the legitimate window cleaning professionals such as us, Hays’s Window Cleaning. We believe in providing a quality service for Perth home and business owners, but at pricing that’s fair, which reflects the level of work we deliver. 

For the last ten years that’s exactly what Hays’s Window Cleaning has been doing and we will continue to do for many more years to come. We’re proudly Perth based and locally owned, operating all over the Perth metro area. We mainly focus on residential window cleaning but also provide our services to small businesses who wish to keep their commercial property looking its best but at affordable pricing.   

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Your Local Perth Window Cleaners

We’re not a large window cleaning company, and we’re not a franchise where the owners are in an office over east. We’re locals, and we’re a family owned business. We’re proud to be locally owned and we’ve enjoyed building up a reputation in our community as one of the most affordable and reliable professional Perth window cleaning service. 

Our story began when we started window cleaning in Perth’s northern suburbs almost 12 years ago. We had very humble beginnings  working mostly on the weekends with a bucket, a squeegee and a dream. Since then we’ve steadily grown, working full time and expanding ourselves south. We knew the key to growing the business was simple. Provide a quality window cleaning service, keep the pricing fair, and always respect your customers. People appreciate reliability and professionalism. 

Because we partly rely on our good reputation we are determined to maintain it. This means for you as a customer you’re more likely to receive a top quality service, one which we are more than happy to deliver.

Our Perth Window Cleaning Services

Domestic Window Cleaning

Every proud home owner needs their window cleaned by the professionals. Save yourself the hassle and dangers of doing the job yourself, leave it to Hays Window Cleaning. We'll have those windows sparkling in no time. Get a free fixed quote today.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Do you own a shopfront or light commercial property? Chances are you don't have time to do all the maintenance yourself including window cleaning. Take some of the pressure off and let the window cleaning professionals handle it for you. Get a quote today.

What Makes Hays a Good Choice


We pride ourselves on our dependability. We'll always make sure we're prompt and on time. And we won't leave you in the dark when it comes to replying to calls or messages.


Our price won't be the cheapest, but that's because we're professional and won't skim on any part of the service, no half-jobs here. We prices our jobs to be the best value, not the cheapest.


With over a decade of experience there isn't a job that we haven't come across. We know how to do every job right and we have professional equipment as well as the industry knowledge.

Window Cleaning Perth Prices

What makes a good priced Perth window cleaning service? Well obviously there are a few factors involved in pricing window cleaning. Typically the biggest two factors are the size/number of levels of the structure, and how many windows there are and the type of windows. 

Single storey buildings with single pane glass will be the lowest cost. When there are multi-storey buildings involved then logistically things can get tricky so costs can vary more. Certain types of windows can also take much longer to clean professionally. French styled with multiple panels and louvre windows can be very time consuming therefore this will affect the total price. 

We do use professional equipment, including a pure-water system, which makes the difference between a proper window cleaning job and a man with a sponge and some soapy water. If you are looking for a Perth window cleaning price quote then why not give us a call. Quotes are free and fixed (always make sure your quote is fixed!). Our pricing is very fair and you’ll find also very good value.


As the pricing section above mentioned, prices will vary based on a number of factors. As a rough guide though for a single storey 4×2 expect to pay between $180 to $220. For a larger home like a double storey 5×2 you can expect a price between $250 to $300. Organise an inspection for a fixed quote. 

It would be very appreciated if before we arrived you could remove all items from window sills, as well move any furniture obstructing access to windows or sliding glass doors. Also draw all necessary blinds and curtains in preparation. 

Not to worry, our pure water machine comes equipped with an extendable pole system that allows for reach up to 10 metres. This enables us to clean any windows out of reach by ladder or in awkward positions. 

Sometimes during the summer season due to our high demand we can be booked up a month in advance. If this happens and you need your windows cleaned ASAP we are partnered with B1 Windows who are a very reputable window cleaning perth company. Contact them if we are ever unavailable. 

Our water supply in Perth has a high concentration of calcium and other “hard” minerals. if you ever use a garden hose or if you sprinkler system splashes your windows then over time a misty calcium build up will occur. This will require an acid wash in order to remove it. If you so require such a service we can perform this but as it takes a considerable amount of time extra charges will be necessary. 

Yes absolutely, we also provide a professional gutter cleaning service. We use vacuum gutter cleaning equipment to suck up any mess you might find in your gutters. Call us today for an obligation free quote.

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