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Domestic Perth Window Cleaning

Hays’s Window Cleaning offers one of Perth’s best value domestic window cleaning service. Having your home’s windows cleaned professionally is important to maintaining the appearance of the glass. Over time, dirt and minerals build up on the surface of the glass causing the glass to degrade which is what leaves that mistiness. That is why homeowners hire the domestic Perth window cleaning professionals from Hays’s, we’ll have those windows looking brand new again in no time. 

One of our friendly can inspect your property and give you a free fixed quote based on the size, accessibility and condition of your property and its windows. Do you reside in multi-storey residence? Not an issue. Our ladders allows us to reach some hard to get windows, but when that is not feasible we have a professional industry grade pure water system at hand. Based on a pole-extension system it allows us to access any window up to 10 metres from the ground and its de-ionised water system means a perfect streak free finish.

Trust in Local Perth Domestic Window Cleaners

It really does pay to use domestic window cleaners that you can trust in. After all who wants to pay for a service, only to find afterwards that the service performed was not  completed at a high standard. How many time as well have you requested a home service and found the company to be unreliable and unprofessional? Too many times right? That’s why at Hays’s Window Cleaning we truly pride ourselves on delivering a service that doesn’t disappoint. A window cleaning service that Perth homeowners can rely on.

There are many window cleaning services available out there. That’s because window cleaning is one of those ventures that are perhaps a little too easy to get going for someone looking to make a few extra dollars. Consequently there are numerous “pop-up” domestic window cleaning services that you can find on platforms such as Facebook and Gumtree. These services are often cheaper than ones you may find on Google but there’s usually a good reason for it. These window cleaners are not part of any legitimate or registered business  and as such are not liable to anyone, including you, the customer.

At Hays’s Window Cleaning we are an established and trusted Window Cleaning service with many years of experience. We care about our reputation and our customers and that is one of the many reasons why you can’t go wrong when you hire us for your domestic window cleaning needs.

What's Included In Our Domestic Window Cleaning Service?

At Hays’s Window Cleaning we don’t believe in half jobs. We deliver a professional service that comprehensive and at great value. Don’t get caught out by window cleaning companies that offer what you think is great value because of the low price, but discover afterwards that the service was less than satisfactory. We promise to you that when you hire Hay’s for your residential window cleaning needs you won’t be left disappointed.

Hays’s residential window cleaning includes washing of both interior and exterior glass. It’s important as well to clean the glass right because by not doing so the first time, by the time the window cleaner is finishing up you will already be able to notice that the job hasn’t been performed effectively. That’s why we use the best cleaning equipment available including a pure-water de-ionised cleaning system for that perfect streak free finish.

We don’t at the glass either. Cleaning windows means frames, tracks and fly-screens as well. Those fly-screens build up plenty of dust over time and the only real way to clean them is to remove them, dust them, wipe the frames and replace them. Many make the mistake and try to wash  them. This will only make the dirt drip down and form smears all over the screen. Leave it to the professionals to get it done right. Contact us today to organise a free fixed quote on window cleaning for your home.

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