High Wash Filtered Water Cleaning Service

Extensively Admired High Wash Window Cleaning System
HAYSS Window Cleaning is specialist in high wash cleaning system. High wash cleaning system has revolutionized window cleaning – previously it was hard to reach the windows, but now can be easily cleaned from the safety of the ground. Tap water is turned into the filtered water in the time it passes through a sequence of filters. This filtered water is then pumped by way of telescopic poles to clean your residential or commercial windows without the need of cleaning solutions.

High wash is fast, safe as well as eco-friendly system. It has many advantages over the conventional window cleaning. This cleaning system can give you better results. Windows frames are cleaned and brushed with soft bristled brush, removes the dirt and other particles with filtered water. The water fed poles can simply reach the previous unreachable areas easily; awnings, glass roofs, skylights as well as facades can all advantage from high wash cleaning.